We’re moving to Las Cruces, New Mexico!!!

Hi Everyone,

Michael has accepted the position of Dean of Students with New Mexico State University located in Las Cruces, NM. We’re both very excited, stressed, scared, and all the other emotions that come with a move like this.

Michael’s first day is August 16th, 2012, so we have to move quickly. Our plan is to be on the road to Las Cruces on the morning of August 11th. So, with such a SMALL window, we need to have a garage sale (a BIG one!), pack our belongings, get a moving company, find a place to live, sell our house and (most importantly) say goodbye to our wonderful northwest Florida family.

I’ll try to post more information here as we figure it out.

OH, and if you know anyone in the Las Cruces area that is looking for a seasoned professional network engineer with 28 years in the business, please send them my name.

Love to all of you!

…and if you want to donate time, money, boxes or anything else to the cause, please hit us up!!!

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