Singing Out Las Cruces is looking for singers – Come Join Us!

SingingOut Las Cruces Poster

Singing Out is a non-auditioned community chorus  We perform a wide variety of music with the message of respect for all people.

Come check us out:
January 15th @ 6:45 PM
Peace Lutheran Church

For details and more information:



Phone: 575.373.9802

No Homophobes and their new video campaign

No Homophobes

Months ago I found out about a site and was shocked at the number of times anti-gay slurs are used on twitter per second. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked, but it’s really eye opening to see it captured in real-time and have the totals shown as well. And this is JUST on twitter. Imagine how many other social networks, text messages, youtube comments and more are not shown here.

Now they’ve released an ad campaign as well. I think it’s brilliant. Be sure to check out their site and watch the video below.

It’s no wonder that our LGBT youth (heck, even the entire community) live with such self-esteem issues