Rehearsal Music for SingingOut Las Cruces

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Below are links to zip files of the digital versions of the rehearsal CD that was created for us by Robbie. The songs are stored in a single ZIP file. You should be able to just open the zip file and double click on the music files to play them. You can also put them on a portable media player (ie. iPod, MP3 Player) if you’d like.

I’ve broken them up into parts because the entire file was very large to download.

Here’s a list of the songs from the CD.
01 Maria – Soprano 1.mp3
02 Maria – Soprano 2.mp3
03 Maria – Alto 1.mp3
04 Maria – Alto 2.mp3
05 Nothin’Like a Dame – Soprano 1.mp3
06 Nothin’Like a Dame – Soprano 2.mp3
07 Nothin’Like a Dame – Alto 1.mp3
08 Nothin’Like a Dame – Alto 2.mp3
09 The Man I Love – Tenor 1.mp3
10 The Man I Love – Tenor 2.mp3
11 The Man I Love – Bass 1.mp3
12 The Man I Love – Bass 2.mp3
13 Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man – Tenor.mp3
14 Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man – Tenor 2 & Bass 1.mp3
15 Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man – Bass.mp3
16 Grease Medley – Soprano.mp3
17 Grease Medley – Alto.mp3
18 Grease Medley – Tenor.mp3
19 Grease Medley – Bass.mp3

Just click on the links below to download the files.

SingingOut Las Cruces – Alto 1

SingingOut Las Cruces – Alto 2

SingingOut Las Cruces – Bass 1

SingingOut Las Cruces – Bass 2

SingingOut Las Cruces – Soprano 1

SingingOut Las Cruces – Soprano 2

SingingOut Las Cruces – Tenor 1

SingingOut Las Cruces – Tenor 2