January 6, 2010

About Us

  • We’re a couple of guys in love…
  • We’re Mike Dedmon and Michael Jasek. (Michael is on the right in the photo below)
  • We recently moved from Gulf Breeze, Florida (outside of Pensacola) to Las Cruces, New Mexico.
  • We have two dogs: Tilly (on the left)  & Corri
  • We got married at our home in Austin, TX on June 2, 2001. (Now if we could just get it done legally!!!)
  • Oh yeah, did we mention we’re gay?
  • Michael works in the Higher Education system and influences many students
  • Mike works in the computer industry and influences many networks
  • We met on the Internet — WHO KNEW??!!
  • We have a great group of friends that love and support us – and we hope that we do the same thing in return
  • We have a great life together and are best friends