First curry? And now red wine? Come On

I really thought about titling this: The Day I Hated Mickey Mouse. However, it was not his fault any of the following happened. He just had millions of people in his parks on Saturday.

On Friday, Mikey and I flew to Orlando, Florida to meet our friends (Robert, Scott, and Tommy) from Pensacola. This is our second year to take this trip. The mission of the trip is to go to Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights.

We arrived in town around 6:00 and at the condo around 7:30. We headed out to dinner. It was at dinner that I made my mistake. I had a (I will stress ONE) glass of red wine. We had a great dinner and headed back to the condo. We hung out for a while and by midnight I was in the bed. Around 3:00 in the morning I woke up. And I had a migraine.

My first migraine, I can remember, I was a sophomore in high school. My parents were concerned so they took me to a neurologist. It was at this appointment I had my first diagnosis of a migraine. And further more, I would more than likely have them the rest of my life. Most of my symptoms have remained consistent: first, it is hard for me to focus and register what I am seeing (it is as if I am not even present in my own life), then I get severe tunnel vision, third the feelings in my fingers go numb. Finally, the pain. The actual migraine can last for 24 hours or longer. I have had some migraines last for weeks. They turn me into another person; someone I really do not like. If I could walk away from this persona I would. Not sure why my friends do not just walk away.

Mostly my migraines have been a result of stress or bad sleeping habits. A few years ago, I discovered I had a food allergy to curry. Once I eat a dish with curry, within twenty minutes (there will be no symptoms) I will have a severe migraine. The migraine itself will last for about 4-5 days. It feels as if the intensity of the migraine stays with me until the curry has fully left my body.

There are times I would love to have curry. Mikey reminds me to stay away. So he eats his curry chicken and I enjoy the smell.

Over the last three weeks I have awakened with the feeling that all the blood in my head is pooling on the right side of my brain. This pooling affect creates pressure on my brain and thus a migraine is triggered. The cause has been unknown. It is hard to know when the migraine hits at night. There is no warning. I wake up and I have it.

I thought one night was caused by a specific wine which had red chili in it. (Side note: I have a new love for red and green chili, thank you New Mexico). Simple solution, no more wine with red chili. However, after Friday nights glass of wine and the sequential events, I believe I must add red wine to my list of things not to ingest. What, no more red wine? I am not sure if it is just limited to red but I am not a fan of white so it may be a while until I know for sure.

I hate when a migraine hits. As I stated earlier, I become a different person. Because of this, I know I am not the only one who suffers. I am very hard (harder than usual) to be around. I become a wicked, mean person. No matter how much I try to stay with life, I just can not do it. When I have a migraine, my head hurts so bad. It feels like pressure is being applied to one or multiple parts of my brain. As time passes it feels as if every nerve in my body is on the surface of my skin. To be touched is intensified. It creates a unique pain for me. As further time goes by, I become very nervous. With any abrupt sounds or movement comes the sensation that more blood is rushing to my brain. Thus more pressure. And there is no stopping this train once it leave the station. All I can do is behave and feed the monster.

By feeding the monster I mean this. It is best if I can seclude myself from the rest of the world. I must enter my cave. I need to shut myself from noise, actions, and change in light. I need to lay down. The best thing, really the only thing I can do, is sleep. Picture this if you will, me alone in a dark room, curled up in bed, my eyes shut and my brain closed off from society. During the time of a migraine, this is heaven to me. To simply sleep until the migraine breaks and the residual/hangover stage begins.

I sincerely apologize to my friends for yesterday. If I could have changed it I would have. I wanted to have such a good time with friends and spend time in Disney World. Instead, you all got a person who was not fun to be around.

Until next time…